Fancy-Pants Halloween Flogger Giveaway!

Posted by Administrator on 9/25/2013 to Products
Hey, did you know we're having an awesome Halloween flogger giveaway?

Yup, we are, and you know you want one! We're only giving away 4 - but don't be sad, cuz we're also going to have them for sale here soon on our website and on etsy.

Here, have a picture.

So how do you enter to win this golden treasure? It's easy! Just like us on Facebook, be on our mailing list or friends with us on Fetlife. All the instructions are there. 

If you want more chances to win, enter all four! Like and comment the facebook post about the giveaway, "love" and comment on the fetlife photo, and join our newsletter on the bottom of each page on our website. 

It's as easy (but not quite as tasty) as pumpkin pie!

Say Hello to our Little Friend!

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Personally, I don't understand why everyone does not have one, but I just might be a bit biased. I purchased my first wand over two years ago. Immediately dust stated to form on almost everything in my toy collection. I was on a mission to introduce everyone (who it was safe to do so) to the newest bestest (yes, bestest!) thing ever. After doing some not so smart things (tried biting a friends hip with the wand turned on medium, and touching a metal table while hooked to the body contact) I decided to dive into the brain of one of the smartest guys I know when it comes to wands and that was no one less then Jim with Wares and Wear. This man in my opinion is a genius when it comes‎ to electricity. 

Jim took me and we did a few experiments with the wand, hands on learning, good stuff. We made chains of people and pretty much learned how circuitry works. He also educated me on the different kinds of wands on the market and the ins ands outs of each one. 
Inexpensive ones are:
-Wax cores melt and become useless or dangerous
-Ceramic cores are fragile. If it gets dropped, it's most likely busted and I would not recommend plugging it back in.
‎‎Mid range:
-Solid state. No moving insides, which means nothing to wear out.
High range:
-Mechanical. Most on the market now a days are refurbished units. They put out a ridiculous amount of power, and are very dangerous in the hands of some one who does not know what their doing. Start small and work up, plus there expensive and most have no warranty. 

The one thing Jim stressed was safety. I could not agree more after feeling like every tooth in my mouth were going to fall out for about two weeks. Safety has always been my motto when it comes to play, so why would I treat a Violet Wand any different, that's a very good question and a lesson well learned‎. I knew right from the get go that you never use a wand on anyone with heart issues, if in question, it's no way with out a doctors permission. Also people with electrical implants or insulin pumps (most can be removed).  The "mask" area on the head is a serious no play zone. Electricity has a straight path to your brain though your eyes and temples so stay well away. I would recommend taking the time to read the instructions that come with the kit, and doing some research on line to be more informed prior to plugging the unit in. Yes, it's a safe toy to use, but even more safe when informed first.

Things that I enjoy about the wand are:
 -Its a zero impact toy. Sure it can give a punch but generally people use a wand more for sensation play. Wait till you send your play partner into subspace with electricity coursing through there body. They will be begging for more. 
-It can be used to stimulate all the right areas for pleasure and for pain. 
-The body contact can be used for a "hands free" approach. Just tuck the body contact in your sock or between your belt and skin and its hands on you partner time.
-Kissing, very cool. Just remember to keep the voltage right down and slowly work it up to a comfortable level.
-Licking, all over the body, need I say more! Again, control the amount being put out. Don't fry your tounge.
-Everyone explains the feeling different. Somethings said are it's like a tattoo, light tickles everywhere, the best sub space trip ever, and the one that was said at a trade show was "I never knew a guy would ever make me feel like that". That was from 1/3 power using the body contact and my finger tips on the back of the neck of a big bad ass biker guy. He looked right at his beautiful lady and said "we've gotta get one of these".
‎Well, here's the sales pitch, it's on sale! I'm not going to talk you into buying one for the wand sells itself time and again. Many out there, but i would like to add if I may, make sure the warranty is worth more then the paper it's wrote on. We fully life time warranty ours against any manufacture defect. If you have any questions regarding our wand and accessories, send us an email. 

The wand is on sale till October 10th, so get it while the getting's good! .

Have fun and always, play safe.
P.S. I do still have all my teeth


Let's Talk About Sex (Shows)!

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With the end of summer, September marks the beginning of yet another very busy show season for us here at We do approximately 3 shows or events a month, almost all falling on a weekend or Sundays of a long weekend. When we do various events and shows, we get to come out and interact with you, our customers! And we’re not being sarcastic when we say we LOVE to see all of you out at events. We love to talk with you about different products, toot our own horns a little bit and then at the end we sometimes get to send you home with some brand new gizmo or gadget that will bring you plenty of pleasure (or pain, but we’re okay with that).

With that in mind, we’ve created a new section on our newsletter that will keep you up to date on where we are going to be! Each month, around the 10th, if you are signed up to our newsletter (if not you can sign up on the bottom of every page of our website), you will see our upcoming events and a lot more.

We’ve also begun to develop a ‘Community Calendar’ section to the newsletter. In this, we plug local events across Canada that we may or may not be attending, such as munches, play parties, fetish nights and so on. If you would like your event listed on our community calendar, all you need to do is e-mail us with the name, date, and (if you are comfortable sharing it) the address or location of your event! Currently we have room for about 6 different events, and we want to further diversify the cities we are including events in!

As always, you can keep your eye on our events page for more information regarding events we will be attending. But - our events page doesn’t feature the top secret code word of the month. So get on our mailing list! What are you waiting for?!