Bon4 Puppy Tails - Howl at the Moon!

Posted by Administrator on 5/28/2014 to Products
Check out our fancy new puppy tails! These babies are an amazing and much-anticipated new release from Bon4 - and we,, are lucky enough to be the exclusive Canadian distributor for these and all other Bon4 items. 

These tails have a number of snazzy features, but first, let's talk construction. They are made of premium silicone  and are all one piece. Unlike some cheaper plugs on the market, they are not a butt plug glued to a tail that will eventually rip off with insertion and removal. Also, they are molded with the SIZE and BRAND right on either side of the base of the plug so that you always know what tail you're wearing! 

Next, I want to talk about the flared base because this is amazingly designed. I really wish more butt toy manufacturers took this into consideration - we have butt-cracks. Not softball sized gaping cheek indents. The flared base on this is narrow, with a slight upward curve towards each end of the base. This is specifically designed to stimulate the perineum (gooch) in men, further stimulating pleasurable sensations for the wearer. 

When you first touch the plug, it is incredibly soft and smooth. The silk finish on the silicone certainly helps with this, because it isn't sticky or oddly textured or grabby. This means much more comfort on insertion, and far more possibility of extended wear for events and parties. Always remember to use water based lube for insertion as silicone lube does not like your silicone toys.

The tail itself - well, this is the real focus, after all. It has a nifty 'hairy' texture to the silicone, meaning that the mold was inlaid with a design that will imitate the look and feel of a short haired dogs' tail. It tapers evenly down the length of the tail and is molded in a slightly upward curve. This tail also has a nice little 'wag' to it - it's been designed with a heavy base and a lightweight end so that it will wag with a little butt-flexing, as seen with some other premium tails on the market.

Best of all, this tail is very reasonably priced, with the small size starting out at just $60 for either the black or chocolate brown color. Pick yours up here!