MyStim E-Stim Vibes - A Revolutionary Product Review

Posted by Administrator on 12/17/2014 to Products

Electrosex (violet wands and e-stim units) have been getting a lot of attention out in the greater Kink Community of late. We have carried violet wands now for some 4+ years, tweaking and modifying the solid state wands which have become so popular to deliver a powerful solid state wand that is unrivalled in the marketplace today. However, TENS and EMS units are something that are new to us. We started to carry them about a year ago after a large amount of public demand; this year, they seem to be ‘the thing’, so we’ve expanded our collection substantially to meet that demand.

On our travels, we’ve come across some pretty revolutionary items – our Electrastim ‘Flick’ units being one of these – and our newest line additions seem to be the next great thing in electrosex advances. MyStim, a company owned and based in Germany, have designed a few new toys to go along with e-stim devices; the fore – and most interesting, in our opinion – toy is an e-stim dildo without compare.

These three dildos (above) aren’t just your average plug-n-play e-stim dildo. Oh, no. The white base contains more than just an up/down function for a premium quality, waterproof, dual motor, rechargeable silicone dildo – those buttons also control the following:

·         Fourty (yeah, you read that right) different vibration modes and intensities

·         Fifty (no, you’re not going blind) different e-stim modes and intensities

·         Two hundred different combinations of e-stim and vibration modes and intensities

·         Pre-programmed pelvic floor training program

·         Magnetic USB charging surface – yep, no holes for lube or body fluids to get into that can destroy your toy and/or the ability for it to charge. And it just looks cool.

So the first thing we did when we got these is cracked one of these babies out of the box. The outside of the box is a typical premium dildo packaging – white hard card with a photo, some nice glossy relief of the MyStim filigree design, and information on the product along the sides in a few languages and an inventory barcode on the back, like so:

Then, you open it, and this little beauty comes sliding out. Honestly, as a person who has done a lot of ‘new product’ unboxings – I was mightily impressed. When you are spending a decent amount of money on a toy – be it a vibrator, a new e-stim unit, flogger, whatever – nice packaging goes a long, long way.

The toy itself looks quite a bit like any other top-shelf silicone vibe that you would get from, say Lelo or Jopen, but looks can be deceiving. An initial run through the different vibe-only modes was impressive – forty different ways to PleasureTown, without any of the features of the device running. Then, we ran through the different e-stim modes with no vibration, just to make sure everything was working as it was supposed to. Finally, we ran through the different modes with vibe and e-stim on side-by-side.
Then, we turned a sample of Sizzling Simon over to a local kinkster with some experience in e-stim to try out and give us a consumers’ point of view. She has opted to stay anonymous, so we’ve organized her thoughts on the Mystim Sizzling Simon E-Stim Vibrator  below into a cohesive, bloggable format with editing for spelling and grammar – it is completely untouched except for these slight alterations, we promise.

The packaging is really nice! If I were to see this on the shelf I would guess it would be about $199 or more. The packaging is quite elegant! I love how discrete the white box is that it is stored in. It's actually big enough that I store ALL of my other E-Stim gadgets in it, it's awesome. (We had never thought of it that way, but it is certainly correct. You can fit approximately one other dildo, a butt plug or two, cables, and our Electrastim Flick box inside of this case and still have some room for extras)

And as for user friendly! LMAO, well.. That all depends on who you ask! (Partner) just started hitting buttons, and it was quite the array of sensations when he was using it. However! when I finally got my hands on it, I read the instruction booklet right off the bat. I only had to read it once and I was good to go :) 

The manual was very easy to understand, and made the device extremely user friendly. The control buttons are easy to see and easy to navigate :)

The E-Stim portion of the toy has several great options to choose from, but my favorite by far is the kegel strengthening program. The programs switch from quite light to stronger and more stimulating. E-Stim #5 is a really good if you like stronger. The 10 levels of intensity is good for a first time E-Stim user to work up to because it's not very overwhelming at first. 

The vibrating portion of the toy adds to it, by creating way more stimulation, and the different programs are all amazing. I did find however that by turning on the vibration and the E-Stim together, the vibration took away from the electrical sensation quite a bit. With the exception of the kegel strengthening program! The kegel program is intense, it holds so hard that I found it hard to move or reposition (It's awesome! Lol) It's not painful though, it's a wonderfully tight sensation. 

An orgasm is easily obtained using this toy (especially if you add a hitachi to the mix! Hehe)

I would definitely recommend this bad boy for a beginner because it's not intimidating at all, and has nice low intensity settings. 

And that concludes our discussion about the MyStim E-Stim vibes! All three vibes are available in stock right now (they only come in black) and retail for $189.95. We will, of course, have some samples out with us at our upcoming vending events such as Taboo Vancouver and Lupercalia in Edmonton.