Beginner-Level Toys

Posted by Administrator on 11/24/2012 to Products
This past month, we had the chance to come out and work with a lot of customers at the latest Taboo shows here in Edmonton and Calgary. We had tonnes of fun, and boy was it a learning experience!

Though we've definitely done a lot of these shows in the past, we've had more and more of a growing following over the past 18 months as we introduced and continued to perfect the education aspect of our business. We love helping our customers find the perfect 'thing' for their bedroom play, and part of that is teaching them how to maximize their toy in ways they never imagined possible. That teaching takes place in the form of seminars, demos, one-on-one training and just general idea-sharing (a room full of pervs can find eighteen different uses for the common balloon whisk).

Some of the most common 'things' that we sell are what we would call quality intro toys. Things such as:

We love selling these products and demoing different ways that these toys can be used. Take, for instance, one of our trademark Mini Suedes. Lovely, manageable suede in a variety of colors can be used to:

  • Lightly spank, flog and tease your partner during foreplay and intercourse
  • Use as a threatening 'punishment' if they do not perform a task to your pleasure (ie, shining mistresses shoes, laying out dildoes in a correct order, etc)
  • Used as a warm up to lead into a more intense and structured BDSM scene.

They are a wonderful beginners' toy because 
  • they are not too long and unwieldy. 
  • The active (top) partner does not need to stand more than arms' length away to use the toy. 
  • They are easy to aim and just heavy enough to give a bite if desired. 
  • They are relatively easy to use within a moment or two of demonstration on use
  • They will not unintentionally injure with moderate force. 
  • They are neither intimidating nor unfamiliar to the bottom (passive) partner and can in fact be used to impart pleasurable feelings with tickling, running the suede over the skin. 
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