Stainless Steel Mathieu Speculum - 3 Prong

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Three Prong Mathieu Stainless Steel Anal or Vaginal Medical Exam Speculum. Any self-respecting medical play enthusiast needs a selection of appliances to toy, torment, embarrass, humiliate.. or cure their patients/prisoners with! The Mathieu Speculum is made from medical grade stainless surgical steel, the tip is made up of three overlapping parts which expand away from one another when the handles are squeezed. Opening to dilate and assist larger insertions by stretching the outer sphincters gently. Measuring up with a 2.5 inch circumference tip when closed, it can be gradually widened to 5.75 inches a retainer screw allows you to fix the tip opening for any fetish imagination. Made of stainless steel, can be autoclaved.

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