Molded Vs. Glued (Seamed) Latex

Posted by Administrator on 7/19/2012 to Let's Learn Something New!
There has been hot debate in the latex fetish community as late regarding the uses of both molded and glued (seamed) latex. As a seller of one of the most high-quality brands of molded latex in the world, we have decided to set to rest some of the complaints and misconceptions regarding molded latex as somehow 'inferior' or 'wrong' when compared to seamed or glued latex.

When it comes to molded latex, there seems to be some sweeping generalizations that affordability is equated with cheap and shoddy construction and various other nasty things. We know that's not the case - our latex is made right on the rubber tree plantations with additives for color & color stability only. With proper care, one can expect a lifetime of uses out of one latex garment by Fetisso. The durability and strength comes from an artisan-like attention to detail. The 3D anatomical molds show a quality practically unseen anywhere else from any other molded latex manufacturers, and we are proud to call ourselves the Canadian distributors of this fine brand of latex.

The other broad generalization we'd like to lay to rest is knock-offs. Molded latex is generally wardrobe staples - panties, pouch briefs, t-shirts and so forth. One cannot hold a copyright on a basic, general idea such as a bra. There've been bras around since 1893, but with the growing threat of knock-off resellers has prompted a lot of discussion regarding whether or not a person can 'own' a ruffled cup bra, contrast wire setting etc. Professionally speaking, we stick to the classics and try to avoid the debacle altogether.

Affordability is another topic to touch on - molded latex IS more affordable than glued. It is a great starting point for beginners, or for fashion accessories such as gloves and stockings that take a little more wear and tear than, say, other aspects of fetish outfits such as skirts and so forth. While some couturiers have now begun to make seamed stockings and gloves, it is still by-far more affordable to get a good pair of high quality gloves that are molded.

This is not to say that glued latex is not without its benefits. For example, custom-made outfits, costumes and catsuits are better made with glued latex. They offer superior fitting options - ever had a custom tailored suit or dress? Glued latex offers the same custom-to-you fit options. Molded latex does not offer this variety of options, as formulating and testing good, anatomical molds can be very expensive and time-consuming. 

There is also the DIY aspect of glued latex that is not present with molded latex. The investment in the equipment alone is flooring...buying a roll of latex and some glue is a far less hefty investment. If you have some basic knowledge of garment construction, you can really craft what is in your wildest dreams - if you don't, there are a plethora of websites popping up that can give you the basics. This offers a great fetish-y creative outlet and honestly, some of the most interesting latex pieces we've seen have been home built.

This brings us to our last topic...local artisan designers! We love our artisans! The creative ingenuity and know-how present in some designers is simply enviable. We love our artisans, and are happy that these people have found a way to make some money out of something they enjoy. 

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