How to Measure Yourself

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Let's start with a simple question of where YOU think your waist is. 

Is it where your jeans sit, especially those low-rise hip hugger style ones? (Hint: hip-hugger should be a tip here)

Your actual, natural waist, is slightly above your belly button, shortly below where your ribcage ends, before your hips begin to take the shape of your body back outward again. If you are very straight-up-and-down, this can be hard to figure out, but the rule of thumb is almost even with your belly button.

Now, where are your hips? (Hint: It's not where the waist-band of your underwear sit)

Your hips are actually the largest part of your bum, usually right around the top of your pubic bone. Measuring here, parallel to the floor will give you the most accurate hip measurement. 

Bust or chest measurements are typically taken around the nipples, with no bra on for the ladies. Be careful to measure parallel to the floor, perhaps have a friend you are comfortable with assist you in lining up the back properly.

We have included a little infographic for your reference:
As always, if you have any questions, contact us and we'd be happy to help you out!



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