UV Pillar Candle Pack

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This is the only way to get these UV reactive candles.

These candles are hand crafted, made with natural environmentally friendly wax and oils: They are made from natural product; soybeans and botanical oils the only additive is the dye to colour. We believe this is equally as important as the burn temperature because alot of candles contain chemicals which cause burns and bad reactions more than the temperature of the wax itself.

The candles are aproximately 100mm x 30mm. They have a low burn temperature of 130f/54c. This temperature should give the sensation that most are looking for without fear of burning or blisters. Please test first time use though as all skin types are a little different and some do have an allergy to soy. Please use caution.

UV colours: Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Red, Purple and Blue

HOW TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR WAX PLAY - HINTS AND TIPS wax is more versatile than people think and can create many different scenes, once you and your partner are comfortable with wax start to experiment :) when first using wax we usually recommend starting to drip from a distance of aprox 30cm but once you are comfortable you can move around a little more - the smaller the distance from the skin the hotter the wax will be dripping on some areas creates a different sensation to others for example we find the back very relaxing but the front quite intense, so get to know your partners body and how the wax feels on them if you want to increase the sensation allow the wax to pool on the top of the candle this significantly increases the temperature and creates a hotter result, or try flicking the candle and splashing the wax onto your partner heighten the senses, try adding restraints, rope or a blindfold to make the scene more intense, experiment with cold items such as ice on the skin before or after the wax, a cold spoon or knife that has been kept in the fridgefreezer can have surprising effects removing the wax can be as much fun as putting it on. Take your time and have fun, and feel free to email us if you have any questions :)

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